The website is a collection of dedications, an original and rather strange project of Neal Agarwal. It contains interactive and engaging web-projects that are often based on concepts of education, humor, and curiosity. Besides its cool design characteristic for all projects, Neal.fun is a place for all sorts of online games and simulations. The list includes a drawing challenge Draw Logos From Memory, in which you need to draw famous logos from memory. There are also a list of absurd exercises Absurd Trolley Problems based on the classic moralotarazh on the trolley from the philosophy​.

In addition, you can find fascinating simulations on the website: Space Elevator, in which the user gets into space and learns atmospheric layers and astronomy the faster he climbs the space. Thirdly, people prefer Spend Bill Gates’ Money, a simulation with a universal budget of billions of dollars that you have to spend on funny things. Thus, Neal.fun web-project is an experience that both entertains and educates and, in the end, opens the user’s eyes on different things with a unique perspective​.