AI Marketing Toolkit Bundle GPT’s

To access each GPT simply click on their corresponding buttons below after which you will be redirected to ChatGPT.

Brand Strategy Generator

Brand Strategy

Mission, Vision, Values, Customer Personas, Pain Points, Potential Product Offerings, Brand Tone & Voice, Potential Hooks, Elevator Pitch and more.

Niche Navigator

Niche Navigator mentors users in choosing profitable digital niches, offering tailored product ideas and confidential, data-driven advice. kggggggggggggggggggkkll

Product Brainstorm

Interactive GPT tool aiding digital marketers in generating & refining innovative, budget-friendly digital product ideas within a niche. kkllllllllllllkl

E-Book Builder

A GPT adept in creating custom e-books. Offers personalized outlining and in-depth content creation with multiple customizations. kjhhjhlggfkkkl

E-Course Creator

E-Course Creator assists in developing educational courses, emphasizing inclusivity and detailed content creation with user-friendly, research-supported guidance.

Newsletter Creator

A GPT tool specializing in rapidly creating engaging, well-researched newsletter outlines and essays on any given Main Topic, and any number of associated Sub-Topics.

Email Campaign

Email Campaign Creator: Expert GPT in crafting personalized, Russell Brunson-inspired email campaigns with engaging content and strategic delivery times.

Landing Page Copy

Landing Page Generator: Generates SEO and emotionally engaging landing page copy, using business insights, design preferences, and industry-specific tactics.

Video Sales Letter

Custom GPT for crafting 10-minute video sales letters, incorporating user-provided or suggested content, with a structured, persuasive approach.

Blog Post Creator

Researches popular questions, writes 750-word SEO-optimized, engaging blog content with anchored links, and includes DALL-E 3 images. kkjjfffhhkjjkkjjjjjlllllljjk 

Thumbnail Creator

Expert in crafting custom, vibrant thumbnails for social media, emphasizing style, bold text, and engaging elements from user ideas. jkk

Content Calendar

Create personalized social media content calendars, aligning content with brand goals and audience, offering SEO and DALL-E 3 support. kkjj