Design Podcasts

Design Podcasts



A twice-monthly digital design podcast sharing insights about business, technology, and people since 2011. We want to push the boundaries of how user experience is perceived and boost your confidence in the work you do.

Design Matters

The world’s first podcast about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought.

Responsive Web Design Podcast

This is a Responsive Web Design Podcast, co-hosted by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte. In each episode, Karen and Ethan interview the people who make responsive redesigns happen.

What is Wrong with UX

Want to learn how to use color on your website? Get HTML color codes, Hex color codes, RGB, and HSL values with our color picker, color chart, and HTML color names. Let’s go!


A weekly podcast about design, technology, programming and everything else.


A weekly podcast about just building websites from Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.

Design Details

In the last five years we’ve recorded more than 300 episodes. Here are a few of our favorites that will help make your start a little easier!


A short, weekly show about design and development.

Design Standup

Join designer & host Ryan Stone every Tuesday & Thursday on the Design Standup podcast, as he reads brief articles to you from top blogs in the design industry (with permission, or course). Topics include user experience, design systems, workflow, career development, and more.

Google Design Podcasts

Get design inspiration and insights with this collection of podcasts. Method explores the career journeys of designers at Google, while Design Notes goes in-depth with designers working in diverse creative disciplines.

Scratching the Surface

A podcast about design, theory, and creative practice. Hosted by Jarrett Fuller, each episode features wide-ranging, in-depth conversations with designers, architects, writers, academics, artists, and theorists about how design shapes culture. New episodes every other Wednesday.

99% Invisible

A sound-rich, narrative podcast hosted by Roman Mars about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. With approximately 500 million downloads, 99pi is one of the most popular podcasts

Design Review Podcast

A weekly podcast about products and their UX. Each week, we review a product and analyze the user experience design to understand how they work and take away insights from how they’re made.
Dribbble’s official podcast goes behind the shots of your favorite designers
Design Life
A podcast about design and side projects for motivated creators. It was born after your hosts, two serial side project addicts, saw a gap in the podcast market for a conversational show about design and the issues young creatives face, that was hosted by two women.

Here by Design

A podcast exploring all the things my mind explores.

Students Who Design

A podcast bridging the gap between students and the design industry. For Students, By Students.

High Resolution

High Resolution is a limited video series on product design and design thinking.
Layer Podcast
A series of conversations with designer founders about their careers and the design industry.

Ramblings of a Designer

A weekly podcast where we discuss the latest graphic design news from around the web.
Revision Path
An award-winning platform that showcases Black designers, artists, developers, and digital creatives from all over the world. Through weekly in-depth interviews on our podcast, you’ll learn about their work, their goals, and what inspires them as creative individuals.
Design Your Life
Applying design principles to your life.
Inside Intercom
It’s easier to make things people want than to make people want things. From starting with the problem to taking ownership of what ships, focusing on the right areas can make all the difference in crafting a useful solution that actually solves your customers’ problems.
Yo! Podcast
The Yo! Podcast spotlights incredible designers, developers, makers and entrepreneurs building their own future.
The Futur
What is the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence? And how do they affect who we are and what we believe we are capable of? In this candid conversation, Chris Do answers questions from members of The Futur Pro Group.

The Honest Designers

Each of the hosts has found tremendous success in their own creative fields. They’re here to give you a completely honest, under-the-hood look at what it takes to flourish in this crazy creative vocation!

Indie Hackers Podcast

Learn from the founders behind hundreds of profitable online businesses, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies.
The Drunken UX
An irreverent show where we drink and talk about building things on the internet.

This is Noise

An audio series talking to creatives across the globe about what makes them tick. Whether it’s side projects, traveling, hobbies, or community, we’re humanizing your favourite designers

Hear stories and insights from the best in product design.


A podcast about working in design.
Adventures in Design
America’s only daily morning talk show for creatives just like you. Exploring the reality of trying to live your creative dreams. Sometimes educational, sometimes off topic but always entertaining! New Episodes Monday-Friday!


Calculate colors. Share palettes. A new way to manage digital colors. Leave abstract color models behind and focus on the important things.

Who Can Use

A tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments.


Curated color inspiration. Free to use for your next project.


A Color Blender that generates color scales by mixing the shades between two colors. Enter a start and end color, and choose the number of blend steps, to reveal the stepped gradient.

Shade Generator

The idea behind it this tool is very simple. When you overlap a color with a transparent white or black section, you end up with a tint or shade of that color.

Happy Heus

Curated Colors in context. Not sure what colors to use in your designs or where to use them? Happy Hues is a color palette inspiration site that acts as a real world example as to how colors could be used in your design projects.

Gradient Magic

Gradient Magic is the largest gallery of CSS Gradients on the web, with new and exciting gradients added all the time.

Open Color

An open-source color scheme optimized for UI like font, background, border, etc.

Muzil Colors

Color Palette Generator that creates beautiful color Schemes that work.

Colors by Klart

100% data-driven collection of color palettes.

Color Safe

Empowering designers with beautiful and accessible color palettes based on WCAG Guidelines of text and background contrast ratios.

Contrast Ratio

Easily calculate color contrast ratios.

Color Lisa

A curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color-obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory. Palettes are constantly being added to help keep your designs colorful and fresh.

Color Oracle

A free color blindness simulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It takes the guesswork out of designing for color blindness by showing you in real time what people with common color vision impairments will see.

Color Slurp

ColorSlurp is the ultimate color tool for developers and designers. Pick any color on your screen using the high-precision magnifier. Create and organize palettes with advanced color editing tools. Check color contrast for perfect accessibility. 

Color Designer

The main purpose of this tool is to help with building a color palette and generate tints and shades based on it. Just pick a color, and the app does the rest. You can use the preselected colors or the color picker for more control.

Color Review

A modern tool for exploring and finding accessible colors. Make sure that everyone can see your creations.

Flat UI Colors 2

Flat UI Colors 2 features 13 more color palettes. Collaborating with 13 designers around the world, a total set of 280 colors are on your command for COPY / PASTE for your next project, design, presentation.

Palettte App

Palettte App helps you to create, analyze and edit smooth color palettes.

Colour Lovers

A creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes
, and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles… All in the spirit of love.


A unique way to generate fresh and vibrant colors based on lighting and pigment, instead of math. Find a beautiful, free color palette in seconds to kick off your next project.

Adobe Color CC

Color wheel (or image in Extract Theme tab) can be used to generate color palette, which can be saved into Creative Cloud, after signing in.

Adobe Color CC

Color wheel (or image in Extract Theme tab) can be used to generate color palette, which can be saved into Creative Cloud, after signing in.

Adobe Color CC

Color wheel (or image in Extract Theme tab) can be used to generate color palette, which can be saved into Creative Cloud, after signing in.


Easily create and customize beautiful CSS3 gradients with this full-screen online tool.


CSS Gradients

Colorful gradients are all the rage but how exactly do you create the perfect one for your designs? Easily create and customize beautiful CSS3 gradients with this full-screen online to


Never waste hours on finding the perfect Color Palette again! Just enter a color and generate nice matching color palettes


Gradienta is made for both designers and developers to use ultra-lightweight, colorful, responsive backgrounds for their personal and commercial projects.