Flat UI Colors 2

Flat UI Colors is a website that offers a wide range of flat design color palettes for designers and developers. The website features over 280 hand-picked color palettes, which are easy to browse and implement into any project. Each palette comes with HEX and RGB color codes, making it easy for users to add the colors to their designs. The website’s color palettes are arranged by popularity, making it easy for users to find the most popular colors and stay up-to-date with the latest color trends.

In addition to its vast collection of color palettes, Flat UI Colors also provides various resources to help designers and developers with their color choices. The website features a blog section that covers topics such as color theory, color psychology, and color trends. Users can also join the website’s community forum to connect with other designers and share their design projects. With its extensive collection of flat design color palettes and helpful resources, Flat UI Colors is the go-to destination for designers and developers looking to add some color to their projects.